Services - The Memorabilia Network


In-House Auctions

As a full-service auction company we will be able to conduct our own sale of your collections.

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Living Provenance Video Production

The Memorabilia Network has a global reach with high-end collectors around the world.

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The Memorabilia Network is also a full-service appraisal company, with  numerous qualified experts on staff.

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Private Sale

With service you can trust, let us enact the secure sale of your collections.

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Collection Portfolio Management

We help you evaluate and manage collections accounts within your portfolios, improving profitability and cutting costs.

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Buyer Representation

With an expansive knowledge of the items, their value, and the buying processes, let The Memorabilia Network represent you.

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Auction House Consignment

We offer auction consignment for personal and business accounts with affordable rates and auction expertise.

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