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Worn Michael Jackson Glove

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For more than 40 years, Harlan J. Werner has been a collector, dealer, and show promoter within the collectibles and memorabilia industry. During his storied career, he has represented some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment through his agency Sports Placement Services, Inc., working with legends as Muhammad Ali.

Now, he has launched a new venture which is poised to transform the way buyers and sellers meet to share, authenticate, and sell their most prized collections. The Memorabilia Network is a first-of-its-kind platform that gives collectors and buyers a safe and secure way to share their unique stories, promote their collectibles, and participate in online auctions. Led by Werner and a team of executives that include leaders from sports and entertainment (as well as a board of directors that feature some of the most well-respected names in the industry), The Memorabilia Network is building a community where the collectors are the stars.

Collectors occasionally run into roadblocks when trying to authenticate their memorabilia. Werner encountered these problems as collector himself – despite enjoying a personal friendship with Muhammad Ali for over two decades, when he took a collection of autographed memorabilia to a professional authentication service, his collection was rejected.

The reason: The authenticator did not recognize – and could not independently verify – Ali’s signature. This was despite Werner’s easily verified relationship with and decades of experience and respect within the industry. It was during this moment that Werner knew there needed to be a better way for collectors to authenticate their memorabilia – so he assembled some of the leading experts and insiders from Hollywood and sports, creating an online platform that not only helps provide guidance to buyers and sellers, but captures the unique stories that often accompany their collections.

Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

One of the many benefits of The Memorabilia Network is their studio-quality “Living Provenance Video Production.” Here, people with incredible collections have the opportunity to be interviewed on-camera, sharing their remarkable stories.

It is Werner’s mission to bring these timeless pieces of memorabilia to life for a new generation of collectors, allowing people to not only tell their stories of how they collected the pieces – but to increase their value in the process. It is a system that has never been done before in the memorabilia industry – instead, collectors have been forced to navigate a fragmented landscape with ever-changing rules and requirements.

With The Memorabilia Network, that is all set to change. A single platform guided by industry leaders with over 100 collective years of experience and expertise.

They are celebrating the launch of The Memorabilia Network with an exclusive two-week online auction they are calling Heroes, Legends, and Icons. Anyone who is interested in bidding for items can join the auction by registering for a free Memorabilia Network account. The auction, which is set to begin October 24, will include never-before-seen collectibles from such legendary names as Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Andy Warhol, Prince, Mickey Mantle, and Jack Nicklaus.

With over 4 decades of experience in collectibles, Harlan J. Werner continues to innovate within an industry that has been long overdue for change. And with the launch of The Memorabilia Network, he is set to transform the industry – which will be welcome news to buyers and sellers alike.

To learn more about The Memorabilia Network, including access to their online auction beginning October 24, visit www.thememorabilianetwork.com.


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